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Bulk SMS

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Modern World is full of opportunities and with new ideas people need information and alerts instantly on the go. This is the part where Online and Mobile SMS Marketing comes in. It is the most customer engaging platform with high reading rates. Bulk SMS service simplifies this process for customer by providing latest software, API support and instant customer service. We provide the lowest rate for Bulk SMS Packages. Our smart Promotional and Transaction Packs are created to suit all customer needs.

Why Use Bulk SMS Service?

Bulk SMS services/ Bulk messages are considered as one of the cheapest modes for communication purpose in today's time and it has the ability of fastest reaching to the targeted audience. It has many advantages as you can use it for invitations messages, advertising of any product or services, event reminders messages, payment and confirmation SMS, election campaigns, e-commerce platform, schools and educational institutions, and many more.

  • Discount offers SMS
  • API's for software applications
  • 100% High Priority Route
  • Instant Delivery in 5-10 Seconds
  • Branded Sender ID like LM-BRANDS
  • Promotional SMS
  • Transactional SMS
  • Powerful HTTP API's
  • Incredibly Fast Support
  • OTP’s, Alerts, Transactions notifications

What We are Offering to customers